How it works

How to do the course, a suggestion

  • Download the course (immediately available after purchase).
  • Download and install QGIS on your own computer.
  • Start with the course booklet and work through the given instructions with the provided example data on your own QGIS installation.
  • Use the quick and to-the-point demonstration videos as support to the step-by-step course booklet illustrations. There are one video for each specific chapter in the course booklet.
  • When working through the course and with the principal examples given, perhaps try to think how you can utilize the same principal functionality concretely in your field of profession.
  • Keep your course for as long as you like and as many repetitions you want.
  • You should typically estimate about one working day to complete each module, but this is a self-paced course you take when you want and as fast/slow you prefer.



OSGIS Academy, c/o Strutz Mapmatix, Krillåsveien 31, 1392 Norway

Org. number: NO-995542269